Welcome to Alpha – a series of interactive sessions to discuss life and the Christian faith in an informal, fun and friendly environment.  Join us on Wednesday nights starting at 6:00 pm from January 18th, 2016 – March 22, 2016.

If you missed a week, or want to rewatch a video from each week, please review the list below:

Wed.  18-Jan  Week 1:  Who is Jesus? 

Wed.  25-Jan  Week 2:  Why Did Jesus Die?     

Wed.  1-Feb  Week 3:  How Can I Have Faith?  

Wed.  8-Feb Week 4:  Why and How Do I Pray? 

Wed.  15-Feb Week 5:  Why and How Should I Read the Bible?    

Wed.  22-Feb Week 6:  How Does God Guide Us?  

Sat.  25-Feb  Alpha Weekend at Tara

Wed.  1-Mar  Week 7: How Can I Resist Evil?