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GVY Reveal


After more than a year of planning, prayer, and preparation we are ready to embark on a new journey here at Grace Chapel Youth. With the increasing numbers at LIFT, the tightly cramped hallway downstairs, the hours of set-up and tear-down each weekend, and the limited time on a Sunday morning, it has been pretty clear that something had to change. Opportunities come with growing pains.

Why Change The Time??

To be able to use our newly renovated cafe.
To create a welcoming environment for those that are churched and those that are unchurched.
To increase the time of LIFT from 1hr to 2 hrs.
To be able to utilize more of the facility during LIFT.
To increase the GCY leadership team.
To provide a space where teens can feel like they belong.
To create more serving opportunities for teens on Sunday mornings.


“Will there be anything for youth Sunday mornings?”

Yes. We will not have a large youth service and will no longer have worship, free donuts and coffee in the morning, but we will have more of a small group study Sunday morning 11:15-12:15 in the cafe. There will be multiple groups broken up into ages and gender. This will allow our leaders to build relationships with the students and allow for deeper biblical teaching.

“What about COLLIDE and Table Talk?”

COLLIDE will still be held on Wednesday evenings just like before. It will be in the new cafe 6:30-8pm and will still be broken up into guys and girls. Table Talk will be changed from Sunday nights to Wednesday nights. It will be 6:30-8pm, location still TBD.

“What time will the band be practicing?”

The band will have the freedom to practice whenever they would like. Before, it was limited to Saturday night or Sunday morning. Now, vocalists can practice at a different time than musicians and it can vary depending on band scheduling and what works bests for the worship arts coordinator.

“Why Sunday night? Why not another night?”

Unfortunately, every night of the week has school activities associated with it. Instead of fighting school calendars and activities, we thought Sunday would be the most available day. Sundays are better for high school as well as junior high and work well for our volunteers. Plus, no one uses the church facilities Sunday evenings.


Beginning Sunday August 20th, our normal LIFT worship service will no longer be held in the morning from 11:15am-12:15pm. Instead, LIFT will be changed to SUNDAY EVENINGS 6:30-8:30pm.