Special Occasions

At Grace Chapel, we realize that there are special occasions that God has given our church to serve you and your family.


Dedicating an infant to God is a tradition that the church has honored since the Old Testament, and if you would like to have your little one baptized or dedicated, call the church office to arrange for a family visit to coordinate the details of this significant day.

We also offer baptism for adults and teens that would like to make a profession of faith through baptism. We celebrate an annual Believer’s Baptism service each August, we have a Baptism workshop to prepare you for this special event. Sign up HERE! 


Once each month we celebrate communion during our worship services. We have an open communion, and welcome anyone who has faith in Christ to participate regardless of church affiliation or background.

Additionally, each spring we host a First Communion class for our 2nd through 6th graders to help them understand the significance of this sacrament and prepare them to participate in it.


Whether you are new to Grace Chapel or this has been your church home for years, we consider it a privilege to be part of your wedding and our pastors will do everything they can to make your day beautiful. To learn more about available dates, costs, and to schedule a meeting with a pastor, simply call the church office.


Should funeral services be needed we will gladly work with area funeral directors to ensure your loved one’s wishes are honored.

For more information about special occasions, please contact the church office at 724-962-5000 or by email: churchoffice@grace-chapel.net